Contract Manufacturing and Prototyping

With a 22,000 square foot facility and the latest in parts manufacturing equipment, Turner MedTech has emerged as an end-to-end provider for outsourced manufacturing of components, rapid prototyping, and assembly.

Component Manufacturing

Turner MedTech offers a turnkey solution for CNC machined metal and plastic parts as well as injection-molded plastic parts. Turner MedTech facilities can handle anything from one-offs to small run production equivalent prototypes and short-run manufacturing. In the world of medical device development and manufacturing, document control is key to a company

Finished Assembly of Electro-mechanical Medical Devices

We mechanically assemble finished products from the components we manufacture or from other contract suppliers and take care of inventorying the raw material. Each part is tested to ensure customer specifications are met. Turner MedTech provides packaging, and drop ship service, if requested. Parts have full traceability via a DHR or Lot History Record (LHR) […]

Rapid Prototyping

Turner MedTech has CNC mills and lathes for quick-turn machined parts. The firm also has 3D printers for preparing printed plastic parts in ABS, PLA, and clear acrylic. Creating a prototype accelerates the commercialization process by giving designers and engineers an opportunity to analyze a parts form, fit, and function, allowing teams to make the […]